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The society has many years of family farming tradition that began in 1785 when Vincenzo Strada bought the Masseria San Vincenzo in Ginosa.

In 2001 the brothers Ada and Pierluigi Strada start to produce turfgrass sod marked Pratoplà using the alluvial soils of the Lago d’anice, a marshy area within the compound, reclaimed in the '20s.

The turf sod production, today exceeds 400,000 sqm of cool season grass and warm season grass and the quality levels we have achieved, allowed us to become one of the most important sod farm in Southern Italy.  

Plantec Soc. Agr. Sr
l is a member of the TPI (turfgrass producers international) and of the ETS (European Turfgrass Society) and currently has also undertaken research projects on the turf with the Institute of Plant Production of the University of Bari