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Discover our turf sod for the Warm and Cool Season grasses.
Available in the following Sizes:

40 cm X 125 cm
40 cm X 250 cm
Big rolls 70 cm X length on request

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Cool season grasses


Cool season turf with Tall Fescue (90%) and Blue Grass (10%). Presents a medium texture. Suitable for lawns and sports purpose. It has good drought and shade resistance.
Color: Available in dark or bright green.

Maintenance: Medium


Cool season turf with bluegrass and ryegrass. Presents a fine texture, is suitable for sports facilities for its high traffic tolerance and its regeneration capacity.
Maintenance: High

Warm season grasses

Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon)

Turf, with a fine texture that prefers full sun.. It has a great recovery ability and resistence to high traffic areas; it's also resistant to drought and high temperatures. In Mediterranean areas is undoubtedly the most suitable turf species for sports fields.

Color: bright green.

Maintenance: Low

Zoisya japonicaZoisya japonica

Warm season turf with high density, particularly suitable for landscape uses. Moderate salt Tolerant, excellent resistant to high trafic areas. Performs well in shade. It’s extremely slow growth, and mowing are reduced.
Color: Deep green
Maintenance: moderate

Paspalum vaginatumPaspalum vaginatum

Warm season turf with medium-fine texture and good density. Higly salt resistant, is the suitable solution for use in coastal areas, and where there are problems of salty water.

Color: bright green

Maintenance: Low